Monday, October 01, 2007


I tried on the socks yesterday, to have a farewell photoshoot. And it decided me. I will not wear and love these socks. I loved the widdershins - I love toe up, I love being able to try them on, etc. But... they just look a bit... handmade. There is a big line up each section where the edge of each needle was, if that makes sense.

Although I really love the way a gusset works on toe up. It's soo much more elegant.

As for Charade, I am no less in love with this stitch pattern and with the sock in general. however, the vagueness of the pattern at some stages, along with my usual desire to get to the end, get to the end, be finished already, and of course my worry about running out of yarn, left the heel flap truncated.

And while I prefer short socks, it's too short.

This is not how these socks are meant to look. This is how they are meant to look. (From here)

So. A frogging I will go, although not today, because today I am at my parents house for the long weekend. And to all my friends in China - Happy Birthday of Communism! I hope you are enjoying your week off.

Also, we went to go see Stardust. It was excellent. I've changed my mind - I really like Claire Danes now, as opposed tot hinking she was a bit whiney and sappy, when it came down to it. But she is so lovely and bitter at first in this movie, so biting, it's fantastic! And Robert DeNiro's character is a delight. I was a bit worried that this movie would be like one of those ones that tries to be the Labirynth, or another fairy-tale-esque movie, and just feels flat and boring. But they did a lovely job of creating a real, true world, with characters that I cared about, and a lovely plot arc. Plus, the writing is excellent, witty and funny without being trivial. If you get a chance, go see it. It's definately a cinema-movie, although I fully plan on buying it when it comes out on DVD.

And finally, I just found at that the reason that we South Aussies call Fritz Fritz* is because of a butcher who settled in my home town. I love that.

*What is fritz called when it's not fritz? Is it the same as Devon? When I was in China, this one time I had to stop in the middle of a big elaborate story to ask my NSW friend what the proper word for 'stobey poles' was. Turns out it's 'telegraph poles'. You learn something every day.

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