Thursday, October 11, 2007

Take a Deep Breath

Or, the continuing saga of the cursed sock.

So, I'm 3 inches in. It's looking great. Then, last night, I'm looking at it. I have 10 minutes before I have to leave to go to my grandma's for tea. And I'm thinking 'will this fit over my foot?'

The pattern says that it fits a 8-8 1/2" round foot. Mines about 9", but I like my socks real snug, so I was kind of hoping I could wing it. I pulled it over my foot - perfect. Then I'm thinking 'will this fit over my heel?'

I string the stitches onto some waste yarn. I pull it over my foot - still perfect. I pull it over my heel - well. I try to pull it over my heel. It won't go. It's will almost, nearly go. But it won't. No, sir. That yarn is stretched as far as it will stretch, and it wont fit over my heel.

I pull it off of my foot and throw it onto the table in disgust. The yarn and I glare at each other.

I cast on again, with another of the little balls of the yarn that I got when I frogged the pair it was before. The 3 inches of beautiful stitch pattern is still sitting on my table, with the waste yarn, shouting yarn swear words at me.

I'm choosing to think of it as a gauge swatch. A real cranky gauge swatch.

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