Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Ode to Buttons

Eye candy here.

Bringing back memories,
Crisp as if they were separated from now
Only by glass
Not time.

My mother's button tin
Bottom draw of the white chest of drawers
In the laundry-cum-sewing room.

Snuggled among

The other tins

Quality Street for lace trims

Danish biscutis for ribbons

Slippy satin and rough grosgrain.

The shiny white laminate drawers
The soft, icy blue tiles.

The tin.
A coffee can.
White muslin glued over.

The texture.
Smooth and cold, lightly covered
By soft and warm.
Good to slide your had over.

A tiny blue ribbon.
Matched the ice-blue tiles
It's tiny dots
Matched the shiny white drawer
Circling the top of the tin.

The blue plastic top
Easy to pop off
Even for little fingers

Fingers which loved to run
Through buttons
Feel them
Slipping through fingers
Watch them
Gliding over one another

That one from that top
This from another
Small red flowers
White enamel with pictures
Fabric covered.

A tin full of colourful

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