Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So, I ended up working on my sock after all, last night. I think I've got the pattern down. It only took me three hours. It's only a 6-st repeat, made up of purls and knits, but knitting has a way of reminding me of my cognitive failings. Think you'll remember where you left off? I don't think so! Think you'll remember what changes you made on the first sock? Dream on.

Think you'll apply the lessons learnt this week and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS?

Not a chance.

I am 2 inches into the hedgerow sock.

It does not have a cuff.

Why is there always that moment the next morning where you look at it and think... hang on?

I was checking the pattern to see how long it suggests you make the leg, when I realised that the pattern included a cuff section. I mean, you know. Because it's a sock. I wish I could go back in time so that I could wait until now, and then I could slap myself on the back of my head.

Actually, it's not too big a disaster, I don't think. It's basically a rib pattern anyway. It won't look the same, but I kind of like how it's looking. And I refuse to unwind it again because 1)enough already! and 2) I don't think the yarn could take it. It's holding up well for how often it's been knit, but there are limits, you know.

I think the yarn is cursed. That's it. It must be the yarn.

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