Friday, November 10, 2006

Some Musings

So, in my enthusiasm about all the cool stuff I've uncovered on the net, I sent a link to one of my friends (it was the anticraft website, which is way cool, if'n you don't know yet.) and then I gave her the link to this blog. She said some nice things about it - actually, now that I re-read it, she mostly said she was surprised, and wasn't I clever to have a blog? And then she said (and I haven't asked if I could use this, so I wont use her name or anything, although she's the only one who's seen the blog, anyway)

WTF – where do you get the time to keep a diary, girl??!?!? You are supposed to be in your most stressful (not sock-stressful, but study-stressful) year – your honours year! Or at least having lunches+going shopping with me, but you are conquering the web!!!

And I sort of justified myself, but in an embarrased sort of way. Which, now that I think about it, WTF? I did point out, in a previous email to her, that it's very depressing, as a femminist, being only really very good at girly stuff. I mean, I do fine at other stuff, but what I'm really good at, better than other people good at, is baking, knitting, sewing and embroidery. Yick.

Only not. As I said to her, the thing I have got so excited and motivated about on finding this fantastic net-presence of crafters out there is that you don't have to stitch pictures of kittens or quilt lovely pink rose fabrics, or knit pastel smoking jackets and bobbly hats, although if that's what you want to do, why the hell not? But if that's not your thing, you can go to the Anticraft website, and find a pattern for a twisted doll, or you could just knit something that's nice and you can be proud of it and you know that someone didn't get paid 2 cents a piece to make it for you. So there.

And yes, I am a femminist, thankyou very much. I happen to think that I'm my own person, and that I have more to offer than reproduction and cooking, although if I want to do those things too, you'd just better let me, that's all I'm saying. I'm not hugely militant or anything, although in today's society that's a very relative thing, but I do try to keep in mind how easy I have it compared to almost every woman ever born, and while I don't always make the most of that (note, I'm blogging, not doing my history essay which will get me a nice shiny honours degree) I happen to appreciate it.

This isn't a rant at my friend, per se, its just that I felt so guilty and embarrassed, and why should I? I can't draw much, nad I certainly can't sing, but I can knit and sew and bake, and if that's how I want to be creative, that should be a good thing. So why is a part of me dry wretching. If I wanted to make sculptures out of car parts, would I feel guilty? Well, maybe. I am good at feeling guilty. It's my catholic upbringing, I tells ya.

So, the conclusion is, I refuse to feel guilty since I'm making something while I watch TV, which is better than most people can say. And now, since I like pictures and you've (maybe) sat through my mini-rant, here's a nice girly photo of the rose on my rose bush.

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