Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No pics, some talking

Been meaning to blog, but have been unable to get my hot little hands of little sisters camera, which would enable me to take pictures for ya. However, it is my supreme pleasure to inform you that I ma now wearing my socks, and they are wonderful, and I love them so very, very much. I am hooked. I want more socks. I must have more!!!

OK, I'm calm now. I have also finished a knitted bath bag from Jo Sharp, in cotton. It was my first knitting with cotton (yummy) my first moss stitch (surprisingly uninteresting. I could do it in my sleep. Oooh, how cocky I am) and also my first knitting-in-the-round (converted!) I have yet to make it up, because I need some buttons. Not to actually do anything, just for accent, you understand, but obviously it's impossible for me to do anything about it until I have the buttons. Obviously.

In other news, I have started on the wool from Bendigo Woolen Mills. It was supposed to be cushion covers from the last Creative Knitting. I decided to start it right after I'd finished my socks. I cast on the one hundred or so stitches. I knit one row. I pured another. I looked at the pattern - only 248 left... I frogged. Instead, I used the tweed wool to start a cardigan thing from Jo Sharp's Knit, Two. The wool is red, with deep blue through it so it looks kind of shimmery-purple, and lustrous. I probably wouldn't have chosen it for the project, but I think it's going to be stunning!

I'll try and get pics tomorrow, since I'm so proud, I can't help but show off.

In other news, I am now dreaming about knitting. Disturbing? Possibly. I also went to the library and completely borrowed all their knitting books. Am planning next haul from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and have numerous books in my Amazon cart... I think I'm in knitting overload...

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