Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two scarves to gloat over

Here are two scarves that I finished this last winter. Both are Jo Sharpe patterns, from Knit Issue one.

The one on the Left used up most of the 3 balls of Alpaca Silk Georgette that the instructions demanded. The wool is delicious to work with, it's so smooth, although it probably would have been better with bamboo needles, the metal ones I used made for some slippy times. It's also delicious knit up, you just want to keep touching it. Definately luxurious.

I made it for my sister's birthday in August, and I whipped it up in about two weeks, probably about 20 hours of knitting. Does that sound like too much? I wasn't counting at the time. The scarf's quite short - as per instructions and also my sister's request - but the silk is so fine that it takes a lot.

Here's a pic from the magazine, with a closer view...

The purple scarf on the right in the first pic is done in Silkroad DK Tweed in Eden, and was for me. The pattern says 3 balls, but I still have one and a bit left over - nevermind, I can always use more wool!

The pic on the left is a closeup of Jo's version from the book, to show you the texture. It's yummy to wear, and the colour is all wintry and nice. That whole range has beautiful washed-out colours that are perfect for winter.

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