Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's a texture party!

Here is a super-easy project from my copy of Creative Knitting. They're the pair of fingerless gloves from page 29, and they are so quick and easy. Unfortunately I didn't read the materials properly, and I'm one ball short. Until this fact pulled me up, I happily knitted three of the four pieces in a bit over an hour, I'd guestimate. And yes, they're for my sister (gee, I took the quiz in the back of the same magazine and it said I always knit for others. I guess they were right... should I be worried?)

They're quite long, about twice the length of my hand. If the sister doesn't like them, I can always make another pair shorter. I could probably fit it from the new ball I'll be buying.

They're quite pretty and lacy, and that makes them fun to knit. The palm-side (right of photo) is ribbed.

Ooooh, pretty... It's actually black, though.

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