Monday, September 17, 2007


Hi, blogland. I'm here. I'm not dead, dying or injured. I just blogfaded for a while there. I've been gone so long there's icons on the task bar here that I've never seen!

See, I've moved house, and I am internet-free there, and will be for some time. I don't think I need to tell you how sad that makes me - although I'm over the worst withdrawl symptoms. The sweating has passed, and I only sweat a little now, when I think about how I could be working my way through bloglines instead of cleaning, on the weekends.

At the same time, I moved workstations, and now, every time someone walks into the general area, they can see what I'm doing. I hate blogging at work, in general. What I want from the blogging experience is a setlled-in, hunkered-down, concentrated experience. What I get at work is the opposite of that. The exact opposite.

However, I miss you all. I miss reading and I miss writing. I will not be getting internet at my place for some time - my computer could just about handle it, but a better computer is first priority, and moving was expensive. I didn't have a fridge or a waching machine, there's bond, there's other furniture. My finances have still not quite recovered - even yarn has been put off. The conclusion of this is, that until I get internet connected, I will make a vow. i will blog once a week, so that it is not so wierd to get back into it. This post does not count. This weeks post will be a retro-active FO post, since I have a few exciting things to show you. After that, where the wind blows, you know?

I'm secretly hoping that the blogging bug will bite me again, and I will be super eager to get into it. I think that will in fact be the case. I hope enough that it balances out how much I hate blogging at work.

It's good to be back, though.

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