Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FO report

Pattern: Mohair Coat from Jo Sharp's 'Knit 3'

Yarn: Bendigo Woolen Mills Rustic 12 ply in 'Mariner' ( I don't know how many balls, I just kept ordering them until I finished. God)

Adjustments: none, except for the yarn substitute.

Model: My sister.

Time to finish: About a month and a half. Ish.

Comments: I actually wish I'd made a smaller size. It's huge! I do this all the time - and it's not just a warped sense of how big I am, I am going on the bust measurement. But even though I go out a fair way at the bust, I then go in at the waist, and so I could probably usually get away with a smaller size. (Hello, negative ease. I love you)

Because of the yarn substitute, it's heavy. Obviously 100% regular wool in actual worsted weight is going to be heavier than 100% mohair in not really but knits up like worsted weight. And since I knitted the biggest size, it's huge and it's started to be a bit saggy. I'm currently knitting one for my sister for christmas, in red, in her size, which is the second-smallest. It makes such a difference! For one, it's so much quicker... Also, it's much less heavy and I think will stand up to the weight of itself better. I will also tell her not to hang it in the wardrobe, just fold it, because I think that's what made the front of mine so saggy.

Conclusion: I still love it, it's super snuggly and warm. I don't know if it's a wear out of the house jacket, though, which is sad. I'd like to try it in the intended yarn, except that I would never pay that much for it unless I was damned sure I would love it, and also, mohair makes me itch.

We were going for a look-alike. How do you think we did?

My sister just loves the camera a little too much. She loves to ham it up, and also to get in the way of a photo of something else. Viz:

The photo I was trying to take:

The photo I took:

It's hard to get a decent shot of her.

Also of my cousin, who modelled the coat as well, and think she's in the Funky Squad, or something.

But I like this one. It's my favourite.

PS Dear Blogger. I hate you.

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telfair said...

Lovely sweater!! And your sister & cousin are both lovely too.

I have tremendous admiration for anyone who can finish a sweater. I have commitment issues, so I have to stick with smaller projects.

I began to hate Blogger by the time I left my old blog, too...