Friday, June 22, 2007

Things I am sick of

:: People asking me if the email I've just given out is all in lower case. Why yes. Yes it is. Know why? Because emails are not case sensitive

:: People asking me if their email address will be able to send emails to someone in London. Seriously?

:: People giving me WAY too much information when I ask if I can take a message.

:: People telling me their life stories over the phone.

:: The phone.

:: People coming and talking to me when I'm blogging. How rude, I mean, don't they know I get paid to fritter away my time on the internet? Did they miss the memo?

:: People not telling me what they're doing and then getting angry when I ring and interrupt a meeting. There's a simple way to avoid this. E, I'm looking at you.

:: People asking me to fix their phones for them.

:: Being able to fix people's 'broken' phones by turning them on and then off. I will never never never work in IT.

:: People thinking out loud on the phone or in front of me, thus preventing me from looking at pretty pictures of knitting on the net. Rude. Memo.

:: People telling me about the projects that they're panicked about and that I'm going to have to help out with - right at the end of the process which they haven't yet started, and which will take at least a fortnight. There's only so much room in my head, you know.

:: People standing too close.

:: People taking things out of my hands when it's nothing to do with them and I need it. Personal bubble, people!

:: This week. I'm so cranky. All I want to do is sit somewhere quiet and possibly dark. My brain hurts.

:: John Howard and cronies. Now they're going to send the army into the Northern Territory to protect Indigenous Australians from themselves and the symptoms of a broken system. It just seems to me that the last time the Australian government took drastic measures 'for the good of' Aboriginal children, it didn't go so well.

Things I'm not sick of (for the fair and balanced crowd)

:: Working in a socially aware and caring workplace. Although this does mean we have to talk about things which make me feel sick, like Johnny's brilliant idea mentioned above, and the new IR laws, etc, it's much better than not being able to talk about them for fear someone will make me feel like a raging lefty - in a bad way.

:: Not working in a workplace with people who don't know anything. My friend told me the other day that her workmates were having a conversation about how Big Brother comes from the Truman Show. Her workmates often ask her things like 'where's Hanoi' or 'Where's St Petersburg. Oh. So... where's Stalingrad' Or saying things like 'I want to have children so that when judgement day comes they can be raised by angels' I just don't think I could cope with that. Does that make me a bad person?

:: Chocolate

:: knitting

:: Breathing out in long, slow breaths. Maybe it's because I'm a little stressed, but this feels way better right now than something like breathing should.

:: The Internets.

:: Shopping on said internets.

:: Getting my parcels ordered while doing said shopping on said internets at work and sneaking peeks at it all day long.

:: Pictures of baby animals. Especially with illiterate captions included. (Altogether now.... aaaaaaaaaw)

:: Tiki bar TV. I love Johnny Johnny. I watched Red Oktober last night and tears came out of my eyes. Is it bad that I understood most of the l33t? I think it might be.

:: Geeking out with the one woman at work who understands what I mean when I use terms like 'flamer' or 'troll' or 'n00b' or 'html' or 'blog' or 'boing boing' or 'Cory Doctorow'. It makes me feel less alone.

:: Looking at other people's knitwear. There are a couple of people at work who regularly wear impressive knitwear - machine knit, but still impressive. I think I freaked one of them out a little by asking him to stop in the middle of the corridor so I could examine how his collar was attached to the rest of the top.

:: Going to see Kaffe Fasset talk tonight about colour (Yay! Oh, yay!)

:: The fact that it's lunch time and I don't have to answer any phones for at least an hour.

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