Friday, January 19, 2007

And now for something completely different...

Nothing. Well, not really. But I feel blog-guilt. The thing is, although I do have things to say, I don't feel like saying them. I am still camera-less, and I miss the images. Not just as pretty things to look at, but as punctiation for my blog. I want to use them the way Julia does. I don't feel like i can tell you the things I want to - things about colour and craft and the place I live - without showing you them, too. The computer screen is such a hostile medium, for me at least, that I feel that without the personalising photos to prove to you that I am a human being who lives in the world, I can't connect the same way. Maybe this is just me - I have trouble reading off of a screen without breaks for my eyes - but who am I writing this blog for? Mostly me.

That was more eloquent than I thought I'd be. I think.

Anyway, mostly I wanted to tell you two things.

1) About my knitting:

My jumper is finished. (I almost said 'sweater'. Repeat after me: jum-pah. jum-pah. otherwise the joke makes no sense!) The button band is curly, but everyone I've asked about it thought it's supposed to be like that. It looks kind of shell/wave-like. So I'm going to leave it for a while and see if I hate it. Also, it is nowhere near shaped enough, and the armholes are weird - I don't know what shape Jo Sharp thinks people with 110cm busts are, but although I go a long way out, I go a long way in, too.

I bought Big Girl Knits from Amazon (it's not out here) and while there are one or two patterns I want to knit, it was worth the > $40 just for the introduction. Despite being encouraging (You're fat. Don't like that word? OK, you are not skinny. Get over it, move on, do not under any circumstances dress like you are a fatty bumbah. Fat is fine. It's great. It's beautiful - sometimes) there is a great part about shaping, with places to plug your measurements in and equations written out for you. I am not the best at maths, but I am encouraged. I almost want to knit the jumper again to get it right - although I'm not sure how to go about fixing the armholes. I almost need to knit a size or two smaller and the put in extra shaping. Hmmm...

Also, My cardigan for Arwen is on the go. I knitted the whole back before realising that in doing the switcheroo with the needles to get gauge, I'd neglected to switch needles when I needed to. So I was knitting WAY too tight. So, frogged that, started on the front. It's pretty cool. I'm knitting it sans-cables and attatching them later, because my wool is too chunky for the cables. I'm halfway through the second sleeve and I think I might have mixed up the short-row shaping. I haven't checked - it's been on hiatus because....

2) I'm moving out! Finally! I've been living with my parents this last year while I was studying again and it's been... well, let's just say it's been far from ideal. But next weekend I will be moving in with my cousins. I guess I might talk about living arrangements later. But anyway, it's entirely satisfactory except for the fact that I only have a cleaning job which is here. So until I get another job (a better one, please the gods) I will be doing a ridiculous hour commute to the hills. Nevermind, I have an interview on Tuesday. (YAAAAYYY!!!)

Anyway, people of the blogosphere, I really do have things I wish to put out into the ether, but I want to do them properly, with punctuation. So, until next time:

Photo brought to you by You Knit What??

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telfair said...

WOW that's quite an ensemble...

Don't worry about not having a camera. You draw pictures with words!

Thanks for the recommendation re. the knitting book -- despite my limited time to knit nowadays (I almost wrote "knowadays," hm) I'm always looking to add to my library!